How to manage incoming e-mails

We receive each day a lot of e-mails from a lot of people. It is important to know how to classify and treat them efficiently. After that I tried many different method, I think have found the best method and i want to share it with you.

If you have any comment&question please contact me.

1 / First of all, we get rid off all the folders that are unmanageable. 3 folders are more than enough :

  •  Inbox: For unclassified e-mails
  • Action: For the e-mails that we should act
  • Archive: For the e-mails that we should keep

You will find below my Outlook inbox. As you see, I have no unclassified e-mail and 125 e-mails that I should do at least 1 action



2 / We should use the below process for all incoming e-mails.


3 / We use the « speed actions » in order to replace the e-mails in one-click in the folders we defined before. Because the inbox is not a working area, is simply the folder in which we find our e-mails. (just as our mail boxes in the house)


It seems a bit complicated to do it for all incoming e-mails but be sure that it is much more easier than you think.

Just try to do it. You will see that you will have a very clear inbox and be very motivated to treat all your e-mails.