To become a premium logistics company

Customer needs How Premium Logistics companies answer it I want to visualize in real time my products that are being transported and stored Informatics platform allowing it and accessible on cloud (where is the product, what temperature, what humidity …) I want to be able to modify the route of my products which are being… Lire la suite »

Some key points to prepare a Business Process

Business Process preparation is a project(unique, temporary, progressively elaborated) :  it should be planned and executed as a project. It is important to define the tools to be used during process preparation. If processes will be prepared in Microsoft Powerpoint, it is strongly proposed to not work on PPT during workshops & brainstorming. A mindmapping… Lire la suite »

International projects roll-out for automobile industry

For a multinational company, align its subsidiaries on common standards and performance levels is a complex exercise which is part of large-scale transformation projects. Two major trends are emerging: Change accelerates Multiplication of projects within the company to finish in a reduced time. Change becomes international Globalisation imposes to realize these projects within multicultural entities.… Lire la suite »

How to manage incoming e-mails

We receive each day a lot of e-mails from a lot of people. It is important to know how to classify and treat them efficiently. After that I tried many different method, I think have found the best method and i want to share it with you. If you have any comment&question please contact me.… Lire la suite »